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Edmonton's Best Pizza

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Edmonton’s Best Pizza Delivery

Since 1975 the Black Bull Kitchen has been providing Edmonton with amazing dishes and pizza has always been a staple product on our menu. People tell us daily that this is Edmonton’s best pizza! Our pizza’s our Greek style with the cheese on top, and we put lots of it!

Yes You Can Get Our Pizza Delivered

It’s true we don’t use SKip The Dishes or Door Dash any longer, but you can still get our pizza delivered by our great team, Uber Eats or pick it up in the restaurant. Using food delivery services is very expensive for restaurant owners and we want to make sure you are getting the best product that we can provide every time. Allowing other services to take control of this doesn’t always work out well and the food is delivered not up to our standards. We use only the best ingredients and if you ever had one of our pizza’s you would know that we use lots of them! To keep our pricing competitive we decided that we can’t give large percentages of the sales away to these companies.

Here is a copy of our takeout menu that includes all our great pizza, burgers & poutines.

We Invested Into A Food Truck To Make Sure Edmonton’s Best Pizza Delivery Arrives Hot!

Edmonton Food Truck Delivery Edmonton's Best Pizza Delivery

We have our own food truck that delivers to businesses throughout Edmonton during the day and acts as our delivery vehicle at night to ensure that your food order arrives hot! We even carry other products onboard just in case you forgot to order something.

If your company is looking for great food and friendly service to stop by for great lunch options then give us a call at 780-670-2171. See our food truck menu here:

Edmonton Food Truck Menu

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